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Sparkle Sequin Dress up Cape (Various colours)

Sparkle Sequin Dress up Cape (Various colours)

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Gorgeous little dress up capes sprinkled with golden stars. Ties at the neck with a beautiful gold ribbon. Let your little ones imagination run wild with these little capes, would also make an adorable gift

  1. Creativity Boost: The sparkles and vibrant colors of the cape stimulate a child's creativity, encouraging them to invent unique and imaginative stories and characters.

  2. Role-Playing Adventures: The cape becomes a versatile prop for role-playing adventures, allowing children to step into different roles, from magical creatures to superheroes, enhancing their imaginative play.

  3. Open-Ended Play: Unlike specific character costumes, a sparkle dress-up cape is open-ended, enabling kids to invent their own characters and scenarios, promoting limitless creativity and exploration.

  4. Expression of Individuality: Kids can express their unique personalities through the cape, choosing how they want to wear it and what character they want to embody, fostering a sense of individuality and self-expression.

It's perfect for a party, play day or even everyday dressing. We recommend it for all young wizards, magicians and fairies alike!
  • Perfect for dressing up as a magician, wizard or fairy
  • Long layers of tulle fabric
  • Pretty star embellishments
  • Length: approx. 75cm
  • Suitable from 2 to 6 years


  • XS is equivalent to a UK 8/ EU 36
  • S is equivalent to a UK 10/ EU 38
  • M is equivalent to a UK 12/ EU 40
  • L is equivalent to a UK 14/ EU 42
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